Tournament Rules 2020

Please bring an ice chisel or axe to re-open holes if needed (a cold spell may cause holes to freeze over from 1 to 2 inches)

  1. EVERY PARTICIPANT MUST BRING A CONTAINER (WE SUGGEST A COOLER) LARGE ENOUGH TO CARRY A FISH TO THE WEIGH STATION. DEFINITION OF A COOLER: a container large enough to contain one fish. The participant must be able to carry it to the weigh station.  WE DO NOT recommend sharing a cooler.  
  2. ELIGIBLE SPECIES: The eligible species are outlined in the “Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary 2018” prepared by the Ministry of Natural Resources
  3. All ice fishing tournament holes will be in rows approximately 30 feet apart.
  4. Official Fishing Tournament Applications for registration will be accepted until February 8, 2020. To qualify for the Early Bird Draw, a Registration Form must be received or postmarked by January 11, 2020 along with a cheque or money order payable (no cash in mail), or credit card payment to the Rotary Club of Barrie. Post-dated cheques will not be valid until the date on the cheque.
  5. All participants will abide by Ontario Fishing Regulations. A Fishing license is not required due to the Ontario Family Fishing Weekend February 15-17, 2020.
  6. If you leave your hole unattended for a distance of more than 60ft (distance of 2 holes) you have to remove your line from the hole (no exceptions.)
  7. A participant breaking any of the tournament rules and/or any applicable Ontario laws will be disqualified with no refund of entry fee.
  8. Any participant may be disqualified and prosecuted under the Criminal Code of Canada for using fraudulent means to acquire prizes.
  9. There is no minimum age for participants however all participants under the age of 16 must be with a parent or guardian at all times during the tournament.
  10. BAIT: Bait from outside Simcoe County IS NOT PERMITTED.  Minnows will be available for purchase at the Tournament site.
  11. The tournament is scheduled for February 15, 2020 from 11am to 2pm on Lake Simcoe, in Barrie (on Kempenfelt Bay), at the Southshore Community Centre. In the event of very cold temperatures, before starting time, we will announce the tournament will be shortened by one hour and ending at 1pm. The distribution of draws and prizes will be advanced by one hour. ** REGISTRATION KITS MAY BE PICKED UP ON Friday, February 14 at the Southshore Centre between 10am-3pm to avoid long lines on February 15** or can be picked up morning of.
  12. Prizes are determined by the heaviest weight and time registered. In the event of a tie, the first fish registered wins. For example, if three 4-pound Northern Pike are the largest fish entered in the tournament, the one registered earliest will take 1st place.  The fish entered next will take 2nd, and the fish registered the latest will take 3rd place.  If still tied, the participant having registered for the tournament the earliest will win.  All fish are counted in each weight/time category starting form the largest registered and then proceeding down to the smallest.
  13. Each person will be allowed to fish two holes maximum. You may register as many fish as you want, but only the heaviest fish per hole will qualify for a prize.
  14. Only participants who purchase two holes become eligible for two prizes.
  15. To reserve a hole (or two), a participant must fasten a strap beside the hole (or holes). The other strap goes on the cooler. A hole with a strap on the marking stick is reserved:  DO NOT TOUCH!  Participants must look after their own hole(s) only.  No saving holes for your friends!
  16. Fishing holes will be determined on a first come first served basis. If you arrive first in the fishing area and have chosen a hole, set your strap through the marking stick. Thus you have identified your fishing hole.
  17. If a participant is caught reserving more than two holes (maximum allowance), he/she will be disqualified and so will the participant owning that registration number.
  18. Participants will not be allowed to drill their own holes. All holes will be pre-drilled within the fishing area.
  19. Any participant found to be sharing caught fish as determined by tournament officials, can be disqualified.
  20. All fish entered must be brought to the Judges’ stand on foot immediately and alive in containers (see rule 1). Dead or frozen fish are ineligible. Judges will have the right to verify that fish were legally caught.  The judges’ decision is final.  Fish may be registered by rightful owner/possessor with his/her strap and a strap on the cooler.  Please bring a container partly filled with water to carry the live fish to the weigh station.  This is a catch and release tournament; a cooler (or other such container) and a small sleigh are recommended.
  21. Participants must fish in the area designated for the tournament and will be required to have their strap(s) visible at all times. Strap checks along with cooler inspections will be performed before entering the fishing area.
  22. Every time you enter the fishing area you must enter an inspection gate and your strap(s) should be visible. The only access to the fishing grid is through the two inspection gates.
  23. You are responsible for your safety and actions at all times: before, during and after the tournament.
  24. ONLY a clear plastic sheet 6ft by 10ft anchored by posts will be allowed as shelter, and must be removed after the event. Sheltering may be on two sides of the hole only, or as approved by official. Participants must remain in plain view at all times. Fish huts are not allowed.
  25. Sleeping bags, blankets, coolers, heaters, chairs, depth finders and underwater cameras are permitted in the designated fishing area. Weighted lines without hooks can be used to check depth prior to 10:45am.
  26. Participants will be allowed to change to a different unmarked hole in the contest area. You are allowed to bring as many fishing rods as desired, but cannot use more than one rod per hole at a time.
  27. Participants will not be allowed to carry cans or bottles into the tournament area. Thermos containers are allowed. Please do not litter.  Garbage barrels will be placed throughout the fishing area.  Use them!  This is your resource:  take care of it!
  28. No motorized vehicles are allowed in the tournament area other than those of tournament officials, and police and security personnel. Any participant bringing a motor vehicle within 100 yards of the contest perimeter may be disqualified.
  29. The Departure Format on February 15, 2020 will be
    1. The first 250 entries received will be referred to as Group 1.  They will be allowed into the fishing area to choose their holes(s) at 8am.
    2. Entry 251 to 500 will be referred to as Group 2.  They will be allowed into the fishing area to choose their hole(s) at 9am
    3. Entry 501 – 750 will be referred to as Group 3.  They will be allowed into the fishing area to choose their hole(s) at 10am.
    4. Entry 751 – 1,000 will be referred to as Group 4.  They will be allowed into the fishing area at 10:30 am to choose their hole(s).
  30. Upon registration at the event, each participant will have to sign a PARTICIPANT WAIVER.
  31. All rules are subject to the interpretation of the Rotary Club of Barrie and Kempenfelt Rotary Club Ice Fishing Committee.
  32. By entering the tournament, all participants declare having an understanding of all tournament rules and agree to abide by them.
  33. Register online – 
  35. After Feb. 8, 2020 ONLY VISA/MasterCard will be accepted. On registration day, cash, MasterCard or Visa only will be accepted.
  36. Prizes will be awarded as soon results have been tabulated. Prizes are listed at donor’s retail price.  In order to collect your prize, you have to show your strap and your weigh receipt.
  37. Participants are required to park in the provided areas. Watch for signs and obey them.  Participants are encouraged to carpool due to limited parking.
  38. To qualify, all fish must be registered or out of the water prior to the siren signaling the end of the contest. (Participants waiting in line to register their fish will be included.)
  39. If we cancel due to poor ice conditions, we will be making a decision by January 20, 2020. Further details will be provided soon thereafter.
  40.  Reading and acceptance of these rules in their entirety is confirmed upon entry and/or a signing of the waiver.
  41. Entry into this tournament confirms the approval for pictures to be taken and used for promotion without further approval.
  42. Winner of the $1,000 cash prize draw (open to all participants) MUST BE IN ATTENDANCE to accept prize or another number will be drawn.